Cutting Edge: Creative Editing for Brands.​​​​​​​
Catch a glimpse of the diverse brand content I've edited, from dynamic promotional videos to engaging corporate films, my editing skills bring each brand's unique message to life, ensuring that their story is told in a visually captivating and effective manner
PARMIGIANI FLEURIER invited post graffiti artist André SARAIVA (Mr André) to create a unique set of 11 watches infused with his iconic style, for an exploration of his favorite themes: Love, Paris and New York.
It is within the unique ambiance of André’s own HOTEL AMOUR that he is explaining the concept behind those luxurious pieces which can only be acquired at COLETTE or PARMIGIANI new parisian boutique located on Palais Royal.
Client: Baisemain
Audi Symphony of Lights
This video, 'Audi Symphony of Lights', offers a behind-the-scenes look at an innovative production for Audi. It showcases the use of video mapping technology to create a visually stunning display that highlights the sophistication and style of Audi vehicles
Client: Papillon Films
Instructions Not Included x Infinitum
This commercial for Infinitum, edited in conjunction with the movie 'Instructions Not Included', was tailored to complement the film's visual style. It effectively promotes both the movie and Infinitum's internet services, merging cinematic storytelling with commercial appeal.
Client: Alebrije Films
In this project for Faith Connexion Paris, the video captures a fashion shoot by photographer Anthony Maule, featuring model Dewi Driegen. The focus is on the intricate details of the shoot, highlighting the interplay between photographer and model.
Client: Faith Connexion Paris
Colette Dinnigan - La Vie en Rose
This video for Colette Dinnigan presents a captivating motorcycle journey through Paris, culminating in the main character's arrival at a fashion show. The film elegantly combines the thrill of the ride with the allure of high fashion, set against the backdrop of the iconic city.
Client: FMTV